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(mgodzilla) #145

are advertisements allowed here? ‘unrelated discussion’ or not - can we now promote products?



(Justin ) #146

Maybe not Nazis, but I’ve definitely heard of anti-Semetic Jewish people. The one that first comes to mind is Otto Weininger, a late Viennese philosopher.


Haha yes, I’m well aware, hence the eyeroll emoji. I only said that because that’s a semi-common criticism of Ben. I’ve been following him for a while.


What do you mean?


He’s not. He’s just a politician they call an “anti-semi” because he doesn’t share the same political views with them.


Cool me too!


@Nicholas_H Yeah book review is one of my favorite series he’s done. I read Brave New Word specifically because he spoke so highly of it. Great book!


Cool! I read that one too! What are the odds!?!?!?!?


Have you read any other of the books he’s recommended?


That’s pretty funny! I read brave new world cus of how he said it was like 1984 and I read that one just before book review and really liked that book.

I plan on reading Fahrenheit 451 soon even though he doesn’t like it but I have friends who really do. And I also plan on reading Man’s Search for Meaning.

Have you read any of his recommendations?


Other than that one no, but I really liked what he was saying about this one book… the name escapes me but when I had time I was going to re-watch the video, find the book, and either get it from the library of buy it. Do you use kindle or you a hands on, real book kind of guy/girl. (not trying to discriminate)


I’m a guy, I read on the real paper material. Not really into the kindle but it’s probably cheaper than buying real books.


Yeah kindle is a bit cheaper. Amazon gives out some free books to download onto the kindle.


Who lays fortnite?


I started playing it late in S1. I really only play when my friends want to.


Nice! I tried to play but my connection isn’t that great and it was lagging super bad.




You got the cake!


Who likes Markiplier or Jacksepticeye?