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I also thank you for being very respectful in this conversation.

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I mean, I could not care less about this guy (PewDiePie) or any of the surrounding drama. But whatever, you do you. :v:


I understand. Do you have any recommendations of channels you watch?


It’s the same for kids as guys watching foot ball.


I would rather not subscribe to PewDiePie if it is all the same to you.

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For what exactly? I’m not a “gamer”, but I do follow other channels.


Thats fine with me, but do you have any recommendations. Also as I have said before, I made this conversation to see how many other people like yo-yos and PewDiePie.

(if you do decide to subscribe: link in description of the post.) :wink:


I’m not really a “Gamer” either, and for the record I do’t believe that Felix’s channel is really a gamine channel any more, I watch all kinds of stuff like Ben Shapiro to the fine brothers.


So who do you watch?

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Honestly, I mainly use YouTube for music. I have used it to follow other content in the past, but lately I’ve been listening to more podcasts.

As far as YouTube goes, I watch G2 Jake’s Channel. I don’t watch every episode, but he’s probably the channel that I’m most involved with right now.

And of course mrmatio when he decides to drop content. His tutorials are legendary.

Another one is Fringe POP 3 2 1. The main host right now is dr. Michael Heiser, but this is probably the lowest quality content that he puts out. I much prefer his podcast and books.


I don’t like youtubers who are obsessed over getting likes and subscribers.

Amongst others I am subscribed to: Leon Lush, Danny Gonzalez, Ashens, Digitiser 2000 and Kim Justice


I’ve heard he’s a Nazi :roll_eyes:

Steven Crowder is in the same vein as Shapiro. A little more focused on humor and a little less tradcon (Crowder is a libertarian), but like Ben he backs up everything he says with stats. I think he’s a little more ‘fun’ to watch and his Change My Mind segments are great.


I’m subbed! He’s a pretty funny dude. Probably the only youtuber I watch daily. Other than that I’ll watch fortnight videos, so I can get epic victories and different comedians’ podcasts.

Podcasters - Theo Von, Joe Rogan, and Bert Kreischer on something’s burning. These are my faves


Y’all need to read some books :wink:

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Maybe y’all adults should stop playing with toys so much :joy:


Bro, you know he’s jewish right? Umm… I don’t know about you but I’ve never heard of a jewish Nazi.


Cool! I also enjoy watching Joe Rogan and I’ll make sure to check out the other guys.


*Low key(PewDiePie reads books and dose book reviews if your interested)


Really cool! What are some of your favorite songs? Have you heard of JJD? One of my favorite songs is by him and its called Harmony (#1 link). I also recommend Elvis I can’t help falling in love (#2 link) and Just say you won’t let go (#3 link), But you have probably heard #2 and 3.