anyone else have a youtube account?
if so, sub 4 sub?
i’ll subscribe to you and you subscribe to me?
My channel:

ok i will post a comment! (bradmon12)

Sub for sub me (Mrtreyos)

okay thx guys i subbed back and liked some videos

nobody else?

me (arcudathegreat)

Umm… I believe about 90% of us have youtube channels?

I’m jtman562.

I subbed to both plz sub back

okay, i subbed :slight_smile: (Rubenthrows)

sub4subs are cheap. Isn’t the point of youtube to sub to people who you genuinely like what they are doing, and not to get subs for subbing to someone whos videos you don’t care for.

Just my two cents

Completely agree with Raphael. The point of subscribing is to make sure you’re informed when the person you subscribed to uploads new videos. If all your subscribers just subscribed so that you would subscribe back, then they have no interest in your videos, so they’re probably not even going to watch them anyway… which ruins the whole point of subscribing and doesn’t benefit anyone in any way.

Asking someone if they have a youtube acount is almost the equivlent of asking if they use the internet.

Sub 4 sub is stupid.
Infact, when kids ask me to sub for sub, I say yes, let them sub me, and then never sub them back just to make them mad.


I completely agree. Id rather have not many subscribers, and have them actually like my vids, more then having a ton of subscribers, and not even know what my channel is. :smiley:


Yeah, everytime I ask an Amish person they say no to both.

Woah now a camera is a fairly necessary thing to have a youtube account.

Nope, you don’t have to make videos

Is it strange that I’m quite up to date with the internet yet I haven’t gotten around to making a youtube account… I don’t know why, I just don’t have one…

Okay then. subscribing spreads your videos around i only did it because lots of people said they liked my videos so im just trying to get my name out there.