if you sub to me on youtube i will sub to you

please sub to me and i will sub to you. my username is…Themaskedyoyoer. sub to me and i will see you on my messages and i will sub to you ipromise on my darkmagic and thats sayin alot.

That’s a nice offer but subbing is a matter of personal opinion. This may seem rude but I’m one of those people who don’t understand channels that go on a sub me and I sub back policy. Isn’t subbing supposed to be a function that says you like their videos and you want to see more, not you have to?

subscribing shows people like your content. If I used youtube, which I do not, and I liked them, I would. If not, I would not. Doing what you’re suggesting is breaking the usefulness of the whole concept.

Wrong section, btw.


I used to do this thing where I subbed and got subbed back.

Honestly I hate youtube reminding me to check out crappy videos that I don’t care about.

If you start making mind blowing awesome videos I’ll subscribe because I like it but other than that I’m not going to subscribe.

The fact that you’re begging and not in Unrelated Discussion is kinda sad as well.

End All Be All : If you want people to subscribe, put out quality videos then people will subscribe.

Ya, I’d only subscribe if it was something mind blowing. Yous wasn’t really amazing.
no offense.

Max Hit the nail on the head.

This is the last time you will ask for people to subscribe to your youtube channel. You have been warned too many times. Actions will be taken next time.

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