New Dawn

You likes mah new yaoyao’sz?

Comments and criticism COUGH AND YOUTUBE SUBSCRIPTIONS COUGH are welcome.


I’ll sub with all my other accounts once I’m done with chores.

Sweet, lol.


Do you make a video every week?
What do you need several YT accs for Paolo?

Loved the video.

To sub to people who I think deserve more subs, lol. And sometimes I make them so my friends can have them, And sometimes clubs my friends and I start, but I haven’t made one of those yet, but one’s coming. Either way, most of them turn into subbing accounts.

I should sub to more people on those.

Just subbed with my other ones, BTW.

I find it funny you use your YT accounts after “quitting” because of h8terz. :stuck_out_tongue:

thats amazing and great 4a and 1a

I decided to try YouTube again. lol

Thanks to your words.

fartypoopypants? Glad it helped

And omg Adam… that was too good, tooooo good.

I honestly don’t get the point of making several accounts. I know YouTube Partners usually have several to separate between personal updates and their actual videos. I have one account that I made to comment on videos and eventually post my own. I subscribe to people because I want to see their videos, and I want all of my subscribers (36 lol) to subscribe to me for the same reason. This is also why I hate people offering Sub4Sub.

If you think people need more subs, dont give them a lot of fake subs with lots of your own accounts. Spread the word to other people. some word of mouth promotion is a lot better than having 10 subscribers being the same guy.

I just do both.

I think we’ve cluttered this thread enough now…

Quick question. does the bearing on your offstring spin mine doesn’t for some odd reason.


Nah. It doesn’t. I gotta break it in, thats all.

what yoyos were you using heres my guesses GM2 88 and F.A.S.T Off String. Otherwise great video, loved the tricks, really smooth. One of my favorite videos.

Gm2, copycat, and os.


Really nice vid! You are very smooth. :slight_smile: