You are good at yoyoing.

Bring it to the conscious.



No, subconsciously I suck at yoyo. In reality, I suck at yoyo too. But, I can practice, work hard and maybe some day, I can be as good as you. But, while I get to that objective, my subconscious will say I am good at yoyoing and will bring it to the conscious.

(NO SARCASM!! I actually would love to be able to throw as good as Jayyo someday. Probably won’t happen, but I have goals! I like his performance videos.)

Jayyo brings up a good key point: mind over matter. If you can envision it, you can make it happen. Remember, if you’re here, you want to yoyo good. Keep it positive. You’re already starting right, keep on the path!

Yeah people need to realize that they are good but need to make sure they don’t get cocky. I find myself doubting my “skills” at times I may not be the best but I don’t have to be. C=

Any time I get to feeling a little cocky, I’ll be throwing while waiting at an airport or something and someone will walk up and compliment me. They don’t expect an old white haired guy to have a clue about playing with a toy, I guess. Whenever that happens, I’m forced to reply that compared to the average yoyoer, I’m pretty good, but compared to the average yoyo enthusiast, I pretty much suck. But that’s OK, because for me, learning tricks is more fun than showing off tricks. Which is good, becasue that means I don’t have to worry about being one of those guys with 3 grand worth of yoyos in his case. Learning intermediate stuff on a wooden axle is as fun as learning advanced stuff on a $20 yoyo is as fun as learning great stuff on a great yoyo, so I mostly buy cheap yoyos. In other words, I suck, but I’m enjoying it.
I guess going back to my first statement, since “good” is relative, Jayyo is right. It’s just a matter of having a “glass is half full” attitude about it.


The average Joe Blow thinks anyone who can Walk The Dog is a yo yo expert!

In other words, I suck, but everyone around me thinks i’m great!

That’s pretty much my lot in life. I don’t care, it’s onward thru the fog for me!

I tend to not worry about conscious or unconscious. I just play yoyo.

I know this is kind of off topic, but I wish there was some way to nominate Studio42 for the title of Forum Expert. All of his posts show lots of thought, and are always enthusiastic, motivational, encouraging, and a pleasure to read. Just putting that out there :slight_smile:

Ramen bro, ramen

Who cares if your good. It’s about the funsies

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Subconsciously, you’re reading this thread and going through that trick you’re working on in your head.

Consciously, you know that you’re always a beginner because there is always something to learn.

In reality… ponies.

You rock Woohoo