Oh I suck at yoyoing!

I have heard many people saying this recently. However, look at the big picture. Give one of your yoyos to a someone outside of the yoyo community and tell them to bind. They have no idea what that is. Tell them to do trapeze (and show them how) and they probably won’t be able to. Eiffel Tower, Brain Twister, Double or Nothing, etc. and they probably won’t be able to do it.
If you can do any of those tricks, you don’t really suck. In fact, you’re better than a few billion people.


So true!

Haha Yup!!!

It also comes down to relativity.

Its so easy to spend hours online watching the top 50 throwers in the world! The facts are most of us wont be that good, I personally wont due to a thing I have established called… life (not saying they dont have a life, just that I dont have time to practice hours and hours everyday. I will still probably try though /shrug.). I enjoy throwing at my level, finding a trick difficult and a week later wondering “How could I of found THAT trick hard?? ::)”. I just love playing with yos, and am already after 2 months better then anyone I know or hang around with (until I go to CLYY, which is only an hour from me :)).

If I was good to start I dont think I would Yo as its not challenging enough, so basically you gotta suck to reap the rewards of being good at something later on. Also if you dont put in the time, you will just be like everyone else who throws a yoyo up and down twice then hands it back to you.

When I watch the top throwers I still have trouble just knowing what the heck they are even doing, trickwise. Its awesome.

You made my day. :slight_smile:

yeah my gf told me this a while back when i was like omg i suck so bad…i cant even do the whole white buddha…then shes like tomorrow give your yoyo to someone in the school and tell them just to do a trapeze or double or nothing and i did and…well they didnt know what i was talking about haha so yeah if you can do a trapeze your in the top 99% of the world!

We shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves…