Sub $80 Throw

So I’m about to place another YYE purchase and I need bearings and pads/snot. So I’m looking for a new throw. I’m eying the Werrd 86400 but idk what else. I like stable and something that’ll spin for a little while longer than average.

YYO Brave or the 86400 are both great choices. Could also wait for the to stock the C3 level 6 or restock the OneDrop Benchmark series though.

I would wait and the get the Level 6 or Addiction.

The Rally is IMO, the best plastic out there. For $45 you can save the rest of your money on string or even another throw! It’s awesome, and competes with higher end throws. Has a nice weight, and plays like you want it to.

The Shutter is also a classic a the same price as the Rally. I haven’t personally tried the Shutter yet but I’ve heard nothing but great things about it.

The RecRev Sine//Saw is amazing for $65. I tried it briefly and it was insanely good. I prefer it over the Rally, has a nice feel on the string, and very stable. Plays a little bit like a CLYW Chief.

MagicYoyo N12- Stable affordable great finish buy 2
Duncan Strix- absolute business
Protostar- up there with rally and yeti in terms of performance. Love it. I would be fine if it was the last yoyo I had.

Supernova at 84 isn’t too bad.

get a z stacked catalyst if it is still in stock

He wants to get spmething on yye, u can’t get magic yoyos :confused:

I would hOnestly wait for some yetis or the c3 level 6 to come in

^ I’m sure he can get the other three and have quite the magical experience.

Yetis nor the C3 level 6 are offered here.

Hub stacked Catalyst. That thing is a beast with hubstacks or nubs. Heavy as I’ll get oh though

Whichever Benchmark shape you prefer would probably be a winner

I said to “wait” for them ._.
Anyway, if the supernova promotion is still going on u can get two great throws for $85

It looks like from the yye fb page the level 6 will be in stock real soon!