Is having like ten ways to get into all kinds of mounts considered a style or just beginning of tricks?

It’s Jelly.

your style is anything you consider cool.

Style is really how you do a trick. Two people can do the same trick and add their own unique flair.

Yes, personalizing a trick to some degree or a mount. I’m currently bind with an extra little ‘over the top’ flip then bind…I guess you can call it the “Zipper Bind.” As I’m still developing tricks and combos, I see style as in the sort of tricks you prefer to do and the sorts of combos you do that you feel look the coolest.

Its all style bro. Style is pretty much anything extra you found out you can throw into a trick that might’ve not been intended to be there. Like when I plastic whip i then swing it up like a toward pass with a bit of slack and it binds back. See not ment to be in the trick but I put it there.

guys post a video of you doing eli hops and watch the different styles

ill add my soon

watch mickey and then watch jensen kimmitt… see the difference :wink:

it’s all style

from the throw you use
to the tricks you do
from the combos you perform
to the way you perform them

wether you like showy, shiny hops, flops and whatnot, or you’re more into spaghetti/intricate and tortured tricks

style is what you express with your throwing

I think that style cannot be deduced just from a single trick alone. Style, I think, is the overall theme that one expresses in his/her playing, so you have to see the playing as a whole, and not simply as a combination of tricks.