styles of 1a play


Can you guys list as many as possible styles of 1a play + tips for each styles?
Ex: Speed styles - Tips: Using short string


What you really need to learn is tricks. Like parenting styles, yoyo styles are unique to each yoyoist, and they develop when the thrower has tried enough kinds of tricks to know what they like. A style is only made by experience, and unless you already have your own way of doing things, focusing on yoyotricks as a set of categories won’t help you at all, serving to limit rather then expand your set of skills. Learn as many different types of tricks as possible based on your own interests rather then a “I should learn 12 slack tricks” type of thinking. After you have learned many different types of tricks, you will be better prepared to intensively work on a single category.

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‘style is a prison’


This is really indefinable for a lot of ways.
Or at least, it’s complicated.

You are looking to make a list of yoyo tips, but somehow they are related to style of play?

I would suggest just watching a lot of videos of good throwers and looking at what types of tricks you like, then trying to learn those tricks.

Then when you get stuck, ask for help on a specific trick, because then you will get more specific help.


I think what he meant was like the sub categories or tricks, like whips, hooks, tech linear etc…

Honestly my dude these people are right for the most part, just look at a lot of tricks learn a lot of tricks. There’s all kind of different ways to do tricks. Some tricks you’ll come to find out all use the same mount, or are similar in the rotations. Just challenge yourself learn different tricks and eventually you’ll get into looking deeper in to certain tricks.

For myself while learning tricks I always find my self more attracted to tight windows and more tech kind of styles of play.



Tip: learn how to make fast, big whips with long string


I m definitely tech