Sturm Panzer SY-003 Schneider

diameter: 57.26mm
width: 42.75mm
weight: 70.00 gr.

Looks amazing. Really liking what some of the Japanese companies are doing with bi-metal designs lately.

This one looks pretty cool.

Looks amazing but a little heavy.

Heck yes it looks heavy. Stable like a rock. Perhaps almost literally :slight_smile:

Agreed! But large yoyos that weight a lot, generally don’t feel that weight!
Especially due to that sharp shape!
Lets see what happens :slight_smile:

True, I was even suprised when I threw a Dreadnaught G. It was heavy, but nowhere near what I was expecting.

That thing looks as stable as a table. Something about Sturm Panzer designs that really tempts me. What’s the retail on this going to be?

It’s already released and retailing at $180.

Indeed! So weight never really bothers me!

Gosh. Sturm Panzer is releasing some of the most interesting models. The stealth ogre didn’t catch my eye but the Leo sniper definitely did. This even more so.

I think you’re nuts. Respectfully of course. :wink:

I LOVE the Stealth Ogre. I have the first 2. Will be ordering the 2nd after my home repairs are finished later this month, and I know my yoyo budget.

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Your collection is amazing. What were your thoughts on the first 2 Sturm Panzer models?

I love them. I was throwing the Stealth Ogre yesterday.

oh look a phenom. That seriously looks great though.

Well once again I was weak and ordered one.

I simply find myself fascinated with the YoYo’s this company produces. They are the type of YoYo’s that just defy description. I already own the first two, and just can not imagine not having this one.
It’s a classic “V” shape which is a shape that I cut my teeth on years ago, and it’s made by a company that has quite a track record thus far. Not to mention those Brass rims !!

I can almost imagine this think bordering on being dangerous with those brass rims…and weighing in at 70 Grams !!..Yikes.

Can’t wait to give this thing a throw. ;D

You’re a lucky man! I’d love to hear your thoughts on it when it arrives. =)

Just got my Schneider through. This thing is a machine-it’s awesome. Had to tune out a little vibe initially, but even with a touch of vibe it is superb. Exceptionally good.

Hopefully a review sometime in the future? :wink:

Ohh yeah, but maybe after I’m through the honeymoon period. Too gushing is never good.

I get trolled every day … I can’t not post this …

Stern Pantser!

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