Show off your Sturm Panzer throws

So there’s just about every other ‘show off’ thread, so I figured I’d initiate this for one of my favorite companies.

We have:

SY-001 v1.0 Stealth Ogre Proto
SY-001 v1.4 Stealth Ogre Production
SY-001 v1.4 Stealth Ogre Production
SY-002 Leo Sniper Production
SY-002 Leo Sniper Production
SY-002 Leo Sniper Mk II Production
SY-002 Leo Sniper OEM version - YYL Style (Early run)
SY-003 Schneider Production
SY-003 Schneider OEM version - YYL Steampunk Elan

And let’s not forget the Storybooks - if only I knew what they said.


They almost all look the same. They look great though. :smiley:

What a beautiful line-up. I still want a MKII very badly.

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I’ll try and write a MkII review soon. Can’t tell you how much better it is :slight_smile:

I’m also really impressed with this company. I don’t have quite as many as you have amassed,… very nice collection BTW, but I can not think of any other company that makes YoYo’s that compete with their products.

They are in a league of their own.

I really wish I had jumped on an elan steampunk when I had the chance.

I agree with you, I would have loved to feel how the lighter weight version would have thrown.
Maybe they will produce a second run…

Hopefully, kinda like the mkII to the original. :slight_smile:

Time to update:


Got these 2 bad boys in my stable right now

I’ve owned a Stealth Ogre, Schneider and 59.7g Leo Sniper MK-II in the past. All 5 I’ve had were excellent throws, the Leo Sniper may be the most unique yoyo I’ve ever owned.

Hoping to get my mitts on a Schneider MK-II if they produce more

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Double post but I love this yoyo so much. Taking off the caps reduced the weight by about 1.7 grams iirc and allowed me to fiddle with the axle to get it from moderately vibey to very very smooth. It would be nice if $190 retail yoyos would be smooth to start with but it played great anyway and after tuning it is just perfection.

^^Looks fun to fingerspin.

Yeah that’s another bonus of playing without the caps. I can never do it on purpose but on the rare occasions my fingernail gets stuck in the tiny indentation for the axle, it fingerspins forever.