Stupid Mess-up

Haha. The other day I was just playing around and I threw a breakaway for trapeze and I threw it so it wasn’t in front of me but to the side, and right after I threw it, and it came down and smashed into that foot bone that sticks out of the outside of your feet. Has anyone ever done anything like this? (Similar to topic “Have you ever hit anyone with a yoyo?”)

Suicides = Hurt hands…
Also, Plastic whip with a Fast 201 hurts just as much.


Renegades used to be my main yoyo back around 2001-2002.
It was normal to play responsive back then but I really had a hard time learning suicides.
It would go something like:
Throw, trapeze, suicid…POP! OWCHOS!
Throw, trapeze, suici…POP! YOW!
Throw, Trapeze, suic…POP! MOM!

Hurt so bad.

But I learned eventually.
Just took careful, steady hand placements.


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Jay’s back!!!

YAY!!! How’d it go?!

Yeah, I know. It hurts. Offstring accident. :stuck_out_tongue:

Last time I did a boomerang…
I didn’t go so good.

Offstring + Dark magic + Throw high = Head owie.

He hasn’t had his surgery yet because of a fever.


I’m a restless sleeper… and I have this little shelf over my bed. I rolled over, and my hand went up in the air. I knocked over a cup of water (which I didn’t notice until the next morning, when I fell flat on my face because of the wet floor) and my Axiom. The Axiom hit me in the nose.

Threw a trapeze… it didn’t have a good hold on the response… right into the side of the foot. Getting hit in the side of the foot hurts more than you would think. Yo-yos are dangerous and they consider them a kids toy? Just kidding but still yo-yos hurt. Later.

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