The other day I was doing Leg Wrap Trap. I threw a breakaway and as soon as the yoyo was going around in my legs, it hit my toe sooooooooooo hard! OUCH!!! It felt like I kicked a brick wall.

ouch, you might want to wear shoes to protect them.

Happy Throwing! =]

I was doing offstring and the side of the yoyo (sharp part) fell right behind my toenail, and gave it a bruise haha, it hurt.

the other day i did a bind return and for some odd reason yanked the yoyo really hard and it hit me square in the forehead! left two bumps where each side of my yoyo hit lol, later that day i threw a breakaway with a bind knot…hit me in the cheek, swelled up lol had to use ice on it

My counterweight just hit me in the face. Thank god for Duncan bouncy ball

Lol. Duncan Bouncy Ball. Nice. I bet that didn’t hurt.

Ha, hopefully not.