Stupid Days

Today I answered 3 + 5 as 9, missed a trapeze twice, and cut myself with my string while doing Skin the Gerbil. Does anybody else have these “stupid days”?

All the time.

Glad I’m not the only one :wink:

I had to learn a TRIO by myself,because my other members weren’t here,my crush laughed at me because I hit myself in the face,and my whole sociology class started making fun of me because of my “unique” day on Saturday. So yes,my day was stupid.

Life is full of them. :wink:

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3+5 isn’t 9? :smiley:

All the time, man. I’m such an absolute airhead sometimes.


Don’t worry happens to me all the time you’re not alone I have extremely off days too, like yesterday i walked out of band class…with my saxophone still around my neck…my bari sax… :stuck_out_tongue: