I have quite a bit of my SEC routine down, but I am stuck in a double or nothing. Any vids or help will be appreciated

What do you mean by stuck in a double or nothing?
You can roll out of it, and can hop out of it into a trapeze. There’s the matrix, lots your can do.

Worded that a but wrong. What I mean is, I created a combo, and want to continue creating it, but I don’t quite know what to do from a double or nothing that will lead me into elements to continue the combo

Perhaps look at one of the DoN tutorials?

Can’t wait to see what you have to bring for SEC :slight_smile:


Just do the matrix and stop on a trapeze. Then go into whatever mount you want to finish the combo, or just mess around with it until you get something cool.

From DoN hop out to a trapeze, do brother slack, ripcord, wormhole.

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This is actually a lot of cool stuff! Definitely more stuff for me to start working with :slight_smile:

I feel like its a good way to find a certain element to work into your own combos :slight_smile:

Thanks! I will be in the Amateur 1A. You can check out my BST also, I’m using the money to fund the trip there  ;D

I’m stuck on what I should learn next. Idk what to do. I do the same tricks same routine with a yoyo. Over and over. I don’t know what to do to progress and get better. Didn’t want to start a new thread so figured I would post it here.

Sucks being stuck, I’ve been in the same battle and am slowly crawling out of it. I came across this last night, was a “youtube recommended video” that came up on the home page. It’s definitely worth checking out, has several repeater tricks/elements, something to spark your imagination and get the yoyo spinning again.

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Once in your double or nothing throw in the trick “Slack Sticks” or “cold fusion to a jump rope catch”