Stuck with me a few years.


Maybe 2 or 3 years ago I got smacked right in the eye with my Aoda Sunshine.

LOL I saw stars and there was plenty of blood and the scar stayed with me a couple years.

There’s probably another “Show your yoyo scars” thread somewhere, but I decided to just show this one for fun.


Wow! That’s intense! I’ve smacked myself in the face/head before, but never enough to leave a scar!


Once I got hit in the Bridge of the nose with my PSG.

There’s a scar that doesn’t want to show up on camera. :stuck_out_tongue:


How does this happen? Horizontal fails?


Too much response.

It can come flying back any minute :o


I managed to hit myself in the face while doing some sloppy inverted brain twisters. Thankfully it was my protostar and not my dreadnought, so no scars.


I hit my mech earlier… It didn’t hurt to much, but it startled me. And felt pretty unusual.


Last year the Revenger hit me in the forehead. I thought it was just a bruise until i felt blood flowing down, it was a scary moment ;D. It left a scar on my forehead


One time my capless was in a knot and I forgot so when I threw it down as hard as i could it hit a little above my right eye, the scar isn’t noticable due to my eye brow though.


Umm, I’ve hit by nuts a few times :wink: want that hard of a throw… I didn’t get a scar, but I had a know in my supernova, and threw a break away. It came around and hit me in the face…


no scars yet but I did hit my self in the face really bad once just under my eye, don’t know how it didn’t give me a shiner.

and of corse many finger hits, but with the cold weather we’ve had of lat it’s been extra painful.


I whacked my elbow and lip pretty hard before. Both with a velocity, though, so it didn’t hurt much.


I’ve had a few bruises on my forearm from having a knot. Been hit in the nose and lips a few times nothing serious though.


Popped a blood vessel in my NTH index from a green triangle that got snagged up.


No scars or any visible damage, but I have hit my front teeth on several occasions, and I’ve had a good few other incidents. Not at all fun…

(kclejeune) #16

Yeah I’ve smacked myself above the eye once. It left a good welt, some blood but no scar.


Chipped a tooth once my parents were not happy.


My Dv888 is VERY BEATEN UP (Dings and Scratches Everywhere) so sometimes when I bind my fingers start bleeding for about a minute (this has happened countless times XD)


Dude… Get some sandpaper…