Battle scars!!!

So today I was throwing on break at work and hit myself right above my eye. Now I have a nice little knot lol. So tell us about your best battle scar from throwing.

Clocked in the side of the head with a protostar. DM2 drew blood on the pinkie and the back of the hand. One of those hits actually left a small scar, too. Then there’s a hard pad on the palm, right under the middle finger, from a scuffed up maverick.

Scar under both eyes, a surprisingly deep cut on my chin that should have gotten stitches but didn’t (woo scars), and of course my hands are constantly bruised/cut.

Oh, and while it didn’t leave a scar, I did dislocate my knee on stage while yoyoing once.

I’ve hit myself in the face my fair share of times, but no cuts or scratched fortunately. My index finger is practically white with callous though.

No scars, but a month or so back my callous cracked to reveal another layer of callous O.o

A Not on my temple from the Atmosphere that has hit me 100 times. >:( I could throw it out a window right now.

And a cut under my nose from a light hit from my go big.

I have hit myself so many times in the face with my Dark Magic II but never drew blood. However, the third time that I threw my Summit, my dad moved his elbow back and it made a super loud ding sound and he yelped in pain. This was at Cal States his elbow still hurts:O

Brandon Jackson and his eyes…true battle story right there