its been a while .. but I just hit my self in the face LMFAO

I don’t remember last time I really did… get hit in the face with a metal yoyo … i guess i haven’t tried new tricks or something for a while…

anyways … Asian POPS did it for me … just got hit in the face … bam … and hurt like crazy … cus i can do them slowly … but tried to add speed and bam!!! in your face!!! :smiley:

I know i am not the only one … good thing I was alone though. I can only imagine someone getting hit in the face while out in public hahahhaha - you gotta laugh

what about you guys?

Haha my friend hit himself in the face and he got a black eye! I almost peed my self it was so funny

I have done that too, but luckily I never cam close to peeing myself, lol.

I nailed myself with my Superstar a while back… I mean NAILED myself. I still have a scar there. lol.

Well, I just hit on the face with a metal yoyo on public while doing some horizontal.

I just keep throwing.

Nothing terribly bad like that. Bashed my non-throw hand ring finger after throwing after a bad bind. Cut, hurt like crazy, swelled up the knuckled bad. My Phenom drew first blood!

Got a “flesh wound” on my nose after throwing when too tired with my DM2. Right on the bridge where my glasses rest. Easily covered up. I got cut, I bled a little but it stopped in less than a minute. It healed fast too.

LOL I didn’t know it was even possible to be hit in the face with asian pops. I’ve hit my collarbone and my face many times when I was learning a horizontal speed neck wrap. Lovely.

All it took was me getting dotted in the eye by a YYJ Mega SpinFaktor for me to learn the importance of dodging. That was in 2002.

I have definitely had some close calls in the time since though, grazing myself in the face a few times. But nothing even remotely close to the MSF incident.

I threw not 1 but 2 strong (and snagged) breakaways right into my non throwhand, smacked by the sharp edges of my Clone-izm. That sucker hurt! I also took a FH2010 to the knuckles from a bad catch doing 5A.

hahaha yea me either … like i said … i was trying to pop them fast so i guess i leaned in and … it shot up to my face … haha … i haven’t tried horizontals too much cus i just can’t catch the string … so won’t try that for a while …

i wanna see the scar lol

yea i am glad i didn’t get a black eye … then it would be a lot worse

hit my self in the nose was sore for a couple of weeks.

I had by Dark Magic 2 draw blood on my non-trowhand index finger once. I still have a mini-scar to prove it. Funny enough, I just kept throwing, even though it was a open cut right where the string slides.