So i was throwing with my PLASTIC protostar then i got a knot so I picked up my METAL ministar and threw a breakaway. whoops forgot that I put a knot in it earlier so the string was short so it swung around and smacked me in the side of my face so hard I felt it in the jaw. I think that line on my eye is from the RIM of the yoyo sliding across my face because it hit me in the temple/top edge of my eyebrow first and general yo ano finish is kinda sand papery. the picture doesnt do it the justice it deserves AT ALL. You guys think anyone I wasn’t friends with would believe me that a yoyo did this to me? :smiley: I find this pretty funny because I put a PLASTIC down and picked up a METAL. I would have rather been hit by a plastic…not a tiny rock hard ministar. so heres another thing you all can make fun of me for :smiley:

Happens from time to time, and it always hurts. The worst ones are when you get cut.

he ministar love you so much sir.
it decide to ‘kiss’ you, full force… ;D

Ohhh, you poor, silly, silly boy… :wink:

were you “intoxicated” again?

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haha thats why I wrote: “heres another thing you guys can make fun of me for”. na i was dead sober (worse bc it hurt a lot more) I usually move my head in time but this time i didnt.

how old are you?


i hate when u throw it foward and it has a knot and it swing backwards and smacks u in the elbow…


it was worse yesterday but i just thought to take a pic with my mac instead of my phone


Neat mark. Show it off at parties.

I get hit once every two months about wel atleast that leave marks/scars/blood i play football, ive broken fingers toes and almost broke foot in football . I have scars blood broken finger from a YOYO thats funny more injuries from yoyo then football