Stuck On Trapeze


uuuuhh… I think you did something wrong with your post…Are you new? If you are, the welcome!

First, with you post, you should have written inside your post in the box instead of making a poll. Just state the problem in the box, and we will post all of our advice.

On trapeze, you must either be missing the string after it loops around your finger, or it is shooting back to your hand.

It mainly just takes practice. Although, if it is shooting back up to your hand, then it is probably to responsive. Correct me if I’m wrong, but is the Reflex a looping yoyo? If it is, I suggest going to the nearest Walmart or online store to buy a Mosquito. This should really help you get through the beginner tricks.

Hope I helped! ;D

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Yeah, when you make a thread, click “New Topic” not “Post new Poll”

Try keeping the yoyo closer to your finger. If the yoyo only has an inch to go, compared to four or five it will be easier… and practice… ALOT

see my “Learning Trapeze” post… for me it’s all about throwing a good and straight breakaway.

Get it good and straight. :wink:

Click this link below, watch this video and you’ll complete to the next trick:

Happy Throwing! =]