Stuck on the Zipper....ugh

Hey guys, I am stuck on the zipper. I can do all of the matrix just fine and it looks fluent with the extra roll and all. However when I do the zipper, I can do all of the first part including the extra roll, but when i get back to the brain twister mount to start it again, I just cant seem to get it going. Any suggestions???

Practice man. Im working on that trick too right now

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Practice is all I’ve been doing…lol. I watched the tutorial video again today I think I’ll be able to get this if I just try to do the movements he is doing instead of doing them step by step. I think the step by step is messing me up. :-\

Just take it really slow at first until you get the movement down. Once you get it down just try speeding it up and eventually you’ll be going pretty fast with it.

Thanks and I definately am, just gets frustrating sometimes when something that looks so simple ends up being so complicated. I can do the matrix just fine but cant do the zipper…ugh! lol

Last night I spent a lot of time practicing this. Ive been doing it at a medium speed, and usually get two or three. My record last night was 4. It just needs time