Stuck on mastering the release of a breakaway

I’m passed the beginner level but still lacking the perfect release for a breakaway to land a side mount. In this video he tries to explain but I just don’t quite get it. I hate turning my body to throw it. I want to b able to throw it light guy in this video.

Any tips? Or videos you can send my way . Already loving this site.

Thank you.

First well start with core basics.
Make sure the string is over the yoyo axle before you throw.

Make sure your hand is facing “fingers away from your body” to catch it. If your right handed, throw breakaway to the right, make sure your fingers are pointing to the right as your catching it to avoid the string ending up under the axle. (my co worker had this problem and it took me a while to figure out exactly what he was doing wrong.)

If you are missing the string for your trapeze, when you miss, FREEZE. now look at where the strings are at. If your yoyo is on the inside (closer to your body) of the trapeze line, move your throw hand closer to your body and try to flip it around again. If you miss, FREEZE. look at the strings. Is your yoyo on the outside (farther away from your body) of the trapeze string? move your throw hand a little bit back away from you. Your misses are telling you exactly whats going wrong if you can stop and observe. This is most apparent while learning the breakaway and trapeze.

(just watched the video you linked)

Just keep practicing the throw. Try not to have your wrist slanted when you release. Just like with bowling or frisbee, your angle or degree you have during release will be held by the gyro forces at work. So try to keep it on plane by being mindful of the release. :slight_smile:

I tried to add a vide of me doing the breakaway release ,but wouldn’t let me post . Idk. But I will work on what you wrote. Thank you for your help

Here’s my video… Is my release good or do u see something I can fix

Looks good man! Longer spin times will come with tighter binds, and that comes in time, and some strings can bind easier (fat) and some string will bind tighter (thin). Try em both to see what works better for you! I started with fat, then moved to thin. But from what I saw in your vid, you got nothin to worry about. :slight_smile:

Awesome thanks man

Dont stay stuck on it, progress further by learning tricks at the same time as practicing your breakaway. Even if it is tilted just land it in a trapeze and tilt the yoyo straight by moving the loop forward or backwards, and then attempt a trick from that spin.