Stuck in a rut...

Hey guys, seems I have been doing the same stuff over and over again but still pick up my throw every day of a few hours but seems so repetitive. Any ideas for me? I have been working on tricks lately like black hops and in that category? Anything I should check out? Please help!

Sit down for a while, and think of anything that you think might be fun to try. Even if it seems impossible, keep trying to land that one trick you thought of. As soon as you do doors will seem to open, you’ll think of more tricks on the spot.

Find a video of someone doing tricks that you really like the look of and try to learn them. Rethinkyo has some nice tuts as well.

Thanks guys I’ll try some stuff out just don’t want to lose my drive for it

imo you are at the skill level where you should start making your own tricks… for instance i can now whip a gt that isnt a ninja vanish or a brent stole, and best, i can do it with one hand… inspiration can be hard to come by sometimes but its worth it

Sometimes all it takes is changing something about the way your playing. Like changing the bearing, or changing the length of string from short to long (or vice versa) can make your yo-yo feel different and interesting. Or just playing with a different yoyo than usual.

When learning new tricks, sometimes it’s good to learn some medium hard tricks that look cool that don’t take very long to learn, just so you can have a couple new tricks in a short period of time before you start tackling a trick that could take days, or weeks, to learn.

And you probably know enough trick elements to create tricks or to just freestyle.

btw, yoyot mentioned - Rethinkyo is awesome

You guys are awesome. I’m glad there is a crowd to help people like this and be totally cool with it. Happy tossin’