stuck here on spirit bomb


this is where i am stuck, i hope the video worked i am not very good at using computers

if anyone can help that would be tight



Hey! Welcome to YoYoExpert! Glad to see you are taking this hobby so far  :smiley:

Anyway, the thing is you are not completing the pop completely. You almost got it, but you are at the point where the yoyo needs to go into a little triangle to land in a wrist mount.

Look for Spirit Bomb, and make sure you watch “View 2” to get a better idea of what to do  :wink:
BTW - I subbed  :wink:


i think i am landing in the triangle its the one closest to my right hand but there is extra string around my non-throwhand index i have been stuck for a while, and i just got home from a tour so i can sit down at the computer


What he said. Looks like you got everything but the last pop. Another good video:

It’s got slow-mo.

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tough to see what you’re doing exactly, but to me it looks like you’re not popping the yo-yo up and out of the strings on that 2nd pop. it needs to pop clear of all the strings and then land in that triangle that you spread out with your throwhand. i learned it on a gade, and i still think it’s easier on a relatively slim yo-yo. less chance of intercepting the wrong string segment.