Stuck Bearing

I searched the forums but wasn’t able to find a similar topic being addressed. I have somehow managed to get a bit of broken string stuck behind my bearing on my dark magic and it has caused the bearing to be stuck in the gap. I am having trouble removing it and was wondering if anyone had a suggestion as to how to do it without scratching the bearing.

The first thing I would try is, Take an old string and wrap it around the axle of the half that doesnt have the bearing stuck to it. screw it back together, then in screw it, the bearing should now be stuck the the other half. wiggle the string to get the bearing off.
If that doesn’t work, take a pair of pliers, and wrap teflon tape around around the section of the claw that is wider that the rest, so there will be a layer of tape between the grips and the bearing. Gently but firmly grip the bearing in this space, and wiggle the pliers back and forth (like you’re trying to rev up a motorcycle, not turn a door handle.). It should pop off without too much effort.

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The trick with the string worked, nice work smarts. Thanks for the quick reply.

do you have a small plier wth a round part in the center, that works the best. large pliers don’t work a lot