Stuck Bearing RockStar

Hey guys, i just want to know if some of you have tried to swap a center trac bearing with the spec bearing in the 2012 rockstar. Because I’ve tried this and my center trac almost got completely stuck in the bearing seat, but I managed to take it off with pliers in the end, because I’ve tried removing it with some hydraulic tool :S

Am i the only one with this issue ???

The bearing seats on most metal yo-yos are fairly tight as it is. Then you have to factor in slight variations in size for the inner diameter of your bearings. Some bearings will fit tightly others will fit more loosely. It isn’t really dependent upon this or that bearing type. Even in the same run of bearings some may fit loosely and some may have a tight fit. It is normal and not an issue.

That’s true about bearings. If they are not ABEC rated you will get variations from one to another in all dimensions.
YYF seems to have a history of bearing seat problems. I have never had a stuck bearing with any other metals I’ve had.

the spec bearing that came with my yuuksta was very tight fitting but the spec bearing i got with my one fit nice and loosely on my yuuksta… they’re both the same spec bearing

The abec rating system, rates how accurate the outside, width and inside diameter are. the higher the rating the more on target they should be, on average. A spec, and center trac should both be abec rated, but probably not very high.
I don’t think tight bearing seats are by accident from yoyofactory, so I wouldn’t exactly call it a problem. Also I have never seen an actual stuck bearing on a yoyofactory yet, just people who don’t know how to remove them. Like saying I can’t unscrew the lug nuts on my truck with my hands, so they must be stuck. lol

spec bearings are not abec rated, stated on another forum by Ben