Strong Sleeper??

What’s a strong sleeper?? how do i know if my sleepers are strong enough?? ???

Strong sleeper is a sleeper that doesn’t have vibe,is straight and spins for a long time. If you’re sleeper does this then you’re sleeper is strong. It also depends on yoyos. If it is a high end metal yoyo then it will probably sleep more on a same type of throw then a plastic yoyo.
Hope that helps.

He hit it. Probably the biggest problem people have is that they aren’t stopping their throwhand abruptly enough. Make sure your hand stops like a shotput stops when it gets stuck in a hole. It doesn’t slow down, it just stops right away. This is how your hand needs to be. Doing this better and better makes the yoyo SNAP down and sleep for long times ;D

I cant resist but to throw some newbie two cents into this topic ,because this is what im working on now , it just dont sleep long enough to finish the trick .

AND I feel this topic is so important and why i just bought 4 more Yos and differnt bearings.

I thow my best sleeper , its straight theres no wobble its going at what seems to be like 3300 rpm
its screaming and reeeeeerrrrr it slows down . its alot harder than what im seeing in the videos
the strings not touching the side etc etc but its sure not like andre or any vids

ok so heres my input , a stock bearing out of the box is raw from the factory the bearing also has machine oil or residue from there Klean agent ,mineral spirits etc. whatever the bearing shop is using to clean , if they even do .

SO the bearing needs to be polished , broken in or seasoned , whatever you wanna call it , play with the YO a few hours , by spinning the bearing your fine tuning it and polishing it inside , the bearings have tiny imperfections in them ,

next clean the bearing , . watch and read some of the past post on how to , or quick version

take bearing out , toss it in a baby jar (GLASS) Never use plastic your adding crap into the cleaning solution with 100% mineral spirits , shake bearing around or jiggle it back and forth with tweezers , Put bearing on a tapered pencil and spin it over and over and flick it so it spins fast … put it back in the jar , and repeat

NOW is when your actually cleaning the bearings see all that black stuff comming out ,

do this 2 or 3 more time , then blow the bearing out with Filtered compressed air

put it on the pencil and flick it over and over untill you see a differnce in how long it spins and sounds ,

now get thin lube AND or ive tried every oil in the shop and Air tool oil is almost the same thing sae9

so put a drop on a tooth pick and touch one side of the bearing , and put A lil drop sitting on the side of the bearing on the dust cover and race now spin it till on the pencil and the oil goes inside , You dont need to be taking off the dust caps really .

just a liltle oil to much and it slows it down ,

throw it for a few hours and you will see you just took your sleep time from a few secs up to over a minute
and on the dark magic well i gotta go time it again but its long

hope this helps some its all about the bearing

I don’t think he was asking how to make his sleeper strong. correct me If I am wrong wenwen.

This is my test.

Memorize the hardest trick you know.

Now throw the yo-yo as hard as you can. Can do that trick without is stopping or not being able to bring it back to your hand?

I still work on this when I make up long tricks, I practice and soon get a long enough one for that trick, and if I learn a longer trick, I learn a longer sleeper.

I can tell if it’s a strong sleeper occasionally by the sounds intensity, or by testing it’s time. 0.o
When you throw a strong sleeper though make sure it’s accurate.
Just hold the part of the string which is a couple of inches from the YoYo and inspect the gap, make sure the string isn’t touching the sides.


ah… so ultimately, a strong sleeper is a sleeper that will last till you finish your trick is it?? Thanks guys… that really helped a lot… :wink: :slight_smile: