should i get the strix or level six, forget about price , which plays better

Level 6

I have no experience with the Strix but I have a Level 6 and am very happy with it.

I don’t have either, but I have thrown a Strix. It was pretty good.

i like more the strix

I’d get a Level 6 unless you like fingerspins, then the Strix.

The Strix is quite the yoyo. It was one of my first metals. I got a n12 and Strix at the same time. The n12 was more stable. The Strix is much more fun. Plus then fingerspins.

I’ve never played a Level 6 but it looks like a n12 with an extra ridge.

Got a Strix, want a Level 6. Strix is really good.

I own both yoyos, and here is the breakdown.
Level 6 is a fast, solid yoyo. It is a superior quality feel and suits normal to fast player.
Strix have a 10 ball kk bearing that is awesome. It feels more comfortable. It is very float in a very nice way.
If you are a fast player who love solid feel and aggressive play go with level 6.
If you are a player who goes with the flow and want an awesome bearing in your yoyo straight out of the package go with Strix.