Strix vs. Kilter

I will be starting a performing business soon, and need a set of yoyos for my performances. I have a Strix, which I enjoy, and originally just thought of getting several more. However, the Kilter has gotten me interested, plus it’s $30 cheaper. I’m thinking that this might be a better option since it was built for competition/performing. My criteria are: can play at a variety of speeds, good spin times, forgiving in case I make a mistake, stable, can do horizontal well, can do fingerspins and/or grinds. Both of these yoyos fit my size requirements.

What are your thoughts?

I’d take the kilter personally but didn’t like the strix. The smaller diameter vs. width might make it a little less stable but for $30 it’s pretty awesome looking.

Would also consider:
Level 6 (fits all requirements in my opinion and $5 less than strix)
Hatchet ($5 more than strix)
CZM8(looks like it’ll be a good contender as well at $45)

I’ll consider those, the Level 6 mostly, but really I’m looking for something 54mm or under. Do you know of anything in that size range?

Well I got a kilter and I like it.

The best yoyo in that size range by far is the something Angle in my opinion but it’s far more expensive. I occasionally see them on the BST though.

As for something in the $60 or less I can think of the minute and IMP but they’re finger grinding will be minimized due to the non flat hub. They’re great at everything else

Looked around for the fun of things and the turning point paranoid would be a fun throw to try in that size range as well. Forgot about the levaithan which I love too and there’s the oxy megatron as well. I used to love 53mm size throws like the Trident and pyro 3 but have since moved on to larger size throws.

I like my Strix a lot too. And was looking at the kilter.

To answer your question: the Strix is a very nice yoyo with a great shape and bearing. It seems to fit all of your criteria, and it’s something you know you like. The kilter looks like a mid-sized 2013 YYF superstar. If you have had any experience with that yoyo it may give you an idea of how Kilter plays.

Hope I helped.