How does the YYO Kilter stack up against its opponents?


Since I am on a budget I am looking for a new main throw within my price range (25 - 35 bucks). While searching the Kilter caught my eye. I was wondering how it does against other throuws in its price range like the POPStar or dv888? Should I try getting this yoyo over the others?

(Bína) #2

I will just state some facts:

  • Popstaris one of smallest yo-yos on market
  • DV888 is still quite small at 50 diameter and 40 width with flat rims
  • Kilter is mid sized and wide throw with 54 diameter and 44 width, it’s shape is really open. Used by some Yoyofficer team members on contests.

I think this can give you good view on main difference between these yo-yos.


Would it be easier to compare it to throws closer to its size like the protostar or the trigger? Is the kilter floaty or solid? Fast or slower paced?