Stripped Axles

So I just ano burned my Monster and then it started playing funky. I though that the axle could be stripped after a few throws and I ask, How can one tell if the threads have stripped?

You can tell if you can’t screw it together. Stripped axles realy only cause the problem of non-playeabilty due to the fact that there isn’t anything holding the yoyo together.

What is ano burned?

if you got a loose axle (the yoyo falls apart when playing or just is unstable) put some screw tight on it.
however if your yoyo axle is striped(cant screw together) get a new axle.

In almost all cases the axle is made of a harder material than the yoyo. It isn’t likely that the axle stripped. Take the yoyo apart. Reassemble the halves and align them. Attempt to put it together but first lightly turn the yoyo counter-clockwise. Do it gently until you “feel” a click. This means the threads are aligned and ready to seat properly. Close the yoyo clockwise.

As has been said by da5id I too don’t know what you mean by “ano burn”. I’m assuming you mean you smacked it on something but await your response.

I’ve seen people refer to “ano burn” as what is simply an ano flaw (bleeding ano, missing ano in a spot, etc) but what OP is describing is presumably just a scuff/flatspot that removed ano but caused no physical damage.

You called?

No, I’m just kidding. But to see if it’s stripped, you basically have to see if it screws together or not. If it doesn’t, then it’s probably stripped.

You are not going too strip an axle by simply hitting the yoyo on something.
It happens because you cross thread the axle when you screw it together.