You are free to talk about new string or whateve :smiley:

I was wanderting, is there any plus side about cotton strings?

Well, each string is different. To me, I’d say that Cotton and Polyester (or both together) are nearly indestructable. Cotton is good and is close to Perfict Fit. I like Cotton & Polyester together.

Most modern players don’t use cotton. Cotton is very rough on the hands, and can cut you up nice and good if you’re not super careful. It is a bit more responsive, however, so for a beginner they can be useful. I just use highlights.

well,I have used a lot,highlights,polys from YYN,kitty,YYE strings,duncan strings, yomega strings,and my own element strings(I make) I have perfect fits and brazilian vultos coming my way too!
favorite so far are the elements and kitty,maybe vultos or PFs will change that

i have used cotton, highlights, polyester, kitty and chaos string. i plan on getting g-string soon when i get money. my favorite string that i have used are chaos. 422 to be exact :wink:

Thanks for that

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For my experience, I have used Cotton for a year now. Yes, it cuts but you’ll develop a Callus faster with it.

Poly with metal, my mom said no. I deny that thought

I disagree, cotton is more likely to break compared to poleyester and cotton is not close to perfect fit string because PF string is 20% nylon and 80% poleyester. sorry if I sound mean I don’t mean to.