I’m looking for string that’s thick, keeps its tension well, and binds tightly. Any recommendations? What string do you use?


Kitty XL.

Kitty fat

I recently tried out Kitty Fat and YYSL Ammo. Both are nice, but the Ammo pushes into luxurious.

I make string that is decently fat and is just kind of amazeballs (imo) you can dm me if you’d like. Other strings would be like kitty xl and Ammo. :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Whats a dm?

Dinasour message? cool I gotta try that :D.

Idk how you can make a typo like that D and P are on opposite sides of the key board.

Another relly fat string that comes to my mind is the croco strings fantasy chords not sure if he’s still making strings thoug

DM stands for Direct message mostly used on Instagram.

aahh ok

Cool. Thanks guys!


Should I use thick string for my yomega fireball? For some odd reason it will not return to my hand. I had to do a slipknot around the plastic axel just to get it to return after tossing it down and doing a sleeper.

Ammo is the superior string IMO. From my experience it lasts a lot longer, is softer and holds tension better. That being said, this is reflected in the increased price over Kitty.

If you’ve got money to spare, then I’d definately recommend Ammo, but if not then Fat Kitty will do the job just fine. :slight_smile:

This was my experience as well. In fact, once you factor in the greater longevity the Ammo compares very favorably from a “cost per hour of playing” perspective.