Kitty Fat or Ammo?


Thanks for looking.

I have recently started using shorter string(I am 5’4" with the string at my belly-button), and even with some fresh pads installed, I find myself slipping binds with my Nylon Kitty. I want to try a fatter string, and I was wondering if Ammo is worth the extra price or if I should just get Fat Kitty.


(Erik Kerber ) #2

I like Fat kitty but its all preferance. Ammo strings do last longer than kitty though


PM me your address and I’ll send you some Toxic strings and Fat Kitty if you want.

(Owen) #4

Ammo is sooo good.


I have both right now. I like the Ammo a bit better, but it is considerably more expensive. I like the Kitty Fat pretty well, too, so I may just stick with tha.


Kitty fat is okay, but for wider gaped throws kitty XL is the best. XL is wider not longer. I love the XL strings.