What kind of string would you say is:

Good at holding slack (4-5 throws)
comfortable on fingers

I use kitty string nylon
which is really good for slacks and whips(in my opinion anyways)
and it is reletivly soft on the hands

YYSL Type X:
Super Soft
Super Good at whips ect. and holding big loops for suicides
Softness makes it nice on your fingers

My prototype yellow snow strings.

I second that!

My hommade nylonstring does all of that. So does epic strings magic threads.

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Epic Strings Magic Threads

These. I got them in a trade from Logi, and so far they are very good.

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Second the YYSL Type X.

I third that if that is a thing!

Epic Strings Magic Threads. Thats if you want to pay the blasted $1.80 a string… luckily i gotthem before the price tripled. I cant say their bad tho, they do everything you want it to.

Much softer and much whippier than type X. Im a fan of type X but I definitely think saying its super soft and super great at whips is a stretch.

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Really any string that’s not cotton.

Kittystring will pretty much always be around. Cheap and reliable. Bulk. Long/Extra Long.

Nylon- Smooth, Good Slacks, however very fast/whippy
Poly- Smooth, Good Slacks, Easily Controlled
Mix- Best of Both

The difference between the 2 is small.
Also note these are my opinions.

are the magic threads whipyer tan the whipy threads? im thinking of picking some up eventualy and I love slacks so im wondering which is better?

Ive never tried, but i’d guess that the whippys are better at whips, but much rougher. The magic threads are great with whips too, and are also really soft. Like SUPER soft. They probably don’t whip as well as the whip, but the softness is definetely a big bonus.

Probably not as whippy as the whips. But they still are very whippy, way whippier than YYSL AMMO if you want a comparison. They aren’t quite as whippy as stuff like Toxic though. However, the Magic Threads are the softest strings I’ve ever played, and I’ve played some crazy soft strings…

Btw the magic threads have gone above everytging else out of all the threads that you sent me.