String + tricks

I was thinking about how much string type could effect a trick (making them easier or harder to pull off). So my question to all of you is what are your thoughts on it. Is there a reason you choose a certain type of string for different tricks, or does it all just come down to their feel, consistency, and duration that has you selecting that string?

Yes and old frayed string can’t do slack compared to fresh string… LOL

String and the type of tricks that I do are very dependent. Soft string has the advantage of slacking well, binding tight, and staying consistent in tension. Kitty and YYSL come to mind, and it is what I regularly use. Heavier string can aid in whips and constant string wraps.

To me, any string can do all of these just fine, but it again all comes down to experience and preference. I choose YYSL, due to their consistent tension, softness, and duration. I like Kitty for the cheap price, softness, and a overall great string for any style of play.

Usually nylon can whip faster than poly, but can have disadvantages of constant tension and rough feeling. Ploy is great for slacks and tight binds, but can have disadvantages of wearing out quick. Everyone has a different or similar experience with the same type of string. It comes down to preference, and what you need, want, and look for in string :smiley: