Strings by Technique or Style

I’m saving this thread for when I want to find string that will suit how I play or is most comfortable with my style.
Can anybody help me out with what types of string is good for what types of play?
Some “types” not really definite, are: Slack, Whips, Tech, Tension (tight), etc.
I’m looking to categorize which types of strings have which attributes, such as: Can they hold string tension? How long do they last? How good do they play with x type of tricks? Softness, durability, looseness.
Example: (Is not really the case, just wanted to let you guys know what I’m looking for :P)
Kitty - Soft, slack
Blueprint - Good tension, holds tension, durable
Toxic - Good for loose string tension, doesn’t knot up, etc.

If you guys could help me out it’ll be great! :slight_smile: