Should I get polyester or cotton or mix string for my eight8eight? ???

Preference. People say polyester and 50 50 cotton polyester tends to be softer than cotton. I personally use straight cotton because it’s cheaper and it works.

Well weigh the possibility. Cotton is cheap and vary soft. however polyester is usually rough and costs just a bit more. Polly lasts longer than cotton, And cotton will break faster than Polly. Personally, I use my own hand made strings which are made out of spun Polly. The strings I make are a soft as cotton but is as strong as polly. I would get a 5050 its has all the strong points of polly and the softness of cotton. Later.

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thanks, that explains a lot -

also, what is type 6 and type 8 string?

All you really need to know is:

Type 6 = Thinner
Type 8 = Thicker

I recommend type 6.

Type 6 string is is a string twisted into 2 strands made with 3 groups of thread that can be found made of 100% cotton, 100% poleyester or 50/50. Type 8 string is the same thing as type 6 except it has 4 groups of threads and is made of the same materials as type 6, 100% cotton, 100% poleyseter, and 50/50.