some string type help

alright so i’ve been looping for a while and i’ve been using 100% poly strings from this site
and i’m curious on what type of strings are the poly,cotton,50/50

ANd im asking this because i saw this site

and i’ve been told it’s very useful to many beginner 2a players.

I think they are all type 6, as it is not specified they are any other type.

Give a call or send an email to confirm, though.


Okay thanks ^^

Poly is 100% polyester string.
50/50 is a 50% cotton and 50% poly blend. Commonly known slick 8 or slick 6 depending on the number of strands.
Cotton is just what i says - 100% cotton string.

Type 6, 8 and 10 refer to the number of strands, regardless of the material used.

At the time the article you reference was written cotton was the dominant string, and is still preferred by some for looping. My own preference is slick 8. Mainly because it lasts considerably longer than cotton. Never liked 100% poly for looping.