Ihavebeen using the 100% polyester string. But am having trouble doing whip tricks lime hidmesa hook and stuff when the string is new. What are good strings for whip trick?

YYE poly. best stuff you need. it makes you better. if you must, get some buddy jim string. ask buddy jim.

100% Polyester is 100% fine, flails in the air like a flying nyan cat.
50/50 Cotton/Poly is 100% fine, flails in the air like a flying nyan cat.
100% Cotton is 100% fine, flails in the air like a nyan cat.

What you need sir, is skill. Practice.

buddy jim is known for good whippy string
you can do the whips with most strings but there are certain types that help a bit. polyester is good

If you make your own string, weave a bit of plastic into it. You’ll get terrible string tension, but it holds the loop so big you can drive a truck through that loop. Well, not really, but you get the idea.

honestly you just need skill and practice. i use chaos yoyo string 422 and 622 type. type in your adress bar and click the order link to see their string. it lasts for about 4 days and i yoyo alot. it is absolutly wonderful. i am 6’ 2’’ and it is perfect length for me. just wonderfull.

Really long string? XD


Actually I was using yoyo gstrings for a while until I found this bundle of old poly strings. I don’t even know where exactly they are from. They whip great, somehow, so some regular polyester strings are often really good at whips/slacks. And, as others have said, try making your own string.

You might want to try kitty strings. They seem to be rather good.

I’ve heard some pretty great things about graou string. but it’s $1.50 a string.
People say they last amazingly long though.