String Making

So I made a few strings a while ago, and I have some pros and cons with my particular type. I made a polyester string that plays pretty nice. The string itself is really durable, but unlike most polyseter it can not do whips or any slack tricks (like normal poly anyway.) It is actually really soft though no string burn or drying out in my fingers no cuts. It makes for a nice change up, but I still want to have a stiffer poly string. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

There are very many types of poly string out there. You need to go to a fabric store and feel all of the polys they have. I have a friend that makes Toby Strings and his are 100% poly but whip like nylon.

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Twisting it tighter will also make it whip better.

you I wondering if that would make a difference. Any suggestions on guaging a good tension.

You start to get a subconscious feel for tension after a while. What I try to do normally is let the drill move on its own about a foot. As long as the string isn’t twisting up on itself before you fold it over you will be fine.

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Ok I think I was shy of a foot, and I made mine long boy size then I adjusted the size later so I will go a little tighter, and see what that does.