Looking for tightly wound poly string

Hi All,

For a couple years I preferred thicker strings such as Gator Floss, Hamstring, Kitty Fat, etc. Over that last 6 months I have found that I no longer like the thicker string and prefer regular thickness, but wound a bit tighter.

I have no idea where I got them or who made them and am hoping that somebody can recommend regular 100% polyester string (hate other thread types such as nylon, kevlar, etc) but that is wound tighter than the norm.

EDIT: Forgot to add that I don’t know what it is about Toxic strings, but I really don’t like the feel of their strings. The poly seems to be similar to the premium poly that hamstring was using in their washable poly string. It whips way too fast for my liking and doesn’t hold tension well at all IMO. The only string of theirs that I have is the BG1s.


That’s how tightly wound string is. The tighter string is wound, the whippier it is, and worse the tension is. Adversely, loosely wound string will whip slower, and hold tension much better.

You should try spinning your own string

PM Big yoyo on thr forums, and ask him about it!
he makes custom orders
AND he has sample packs for cheap!

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Toxic Dragon String. Doesn’t hold tension very well, but whips like it’s wire

Let me be try to be more clear. I understand the concept and affects a tighter wind has and I like it which is why I titled the thread as such. The type of polyester is the issue at hand. For example, standard Hamstring is tightly wound and I love it except for the thickness (type 12) and lack of availability of course. Hamstring also sold a tightly wound premium string that used a premium polyester thread which is what I’m trying to avoid. Toxic string feels very similar to it and I don’t like it.


  • Tightly wound polyester string
  • med or regular thickness

Do Not Want:

  • Premium quality super slick polyester

I’ll see what info I can find. Thanks!

As my first post mentioned, I don’t like Toxic strings due to the type of polyester they use. I hate that crazy super fast whip that premium poly gives vs standard poly.

There are two kinds of string. Plasticy, Slippery, Whippy thread like toxic strings, or softer, smoother, slower kinds of thread like kitty, ham, etc.

They both are good, and depending on how tight or loose you twist both, you could have them equal in speed.

BTW, I make a string I call Type 1, people say it is similar to Hamstring. It has that soft feel, and is relatively tight. PM me

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