Looking for a good string

Looking for a good string that can be used for slacks, suicides, and whips. Also not have too much tension

MarkMont Dragon Strings

I find YYE 100% poly works just fine for all my needs.

Learn how to manage string tension. There are a few tricks that can make it at least not so annoying to deal with.

While there are strings that are stiffer that are meant for addressing these concerns, I haven’t found any need for those myself yet. Then again, I really don’t do too many slacks, whips, suicides and laceration tricks… yet.

Buy small batches and see what works best for you.

Twisted Stringz Type A sounds like what you’re looking for. I’ve been using the Type D for a few months and absolutely love it. It’s hard to go back to regular poly now. Awesome quality and top notch customer service.

Studio I know how to undo string tension with trick pkb should I get type d or type a then?

I would go with the Type A given what you described. Check out the Twisted Stringz site to see the full selection (link via Facebook). YYE doesn’t offer Type A.

I just got some A1 and it’s phenomenal at all the things mentioned as well. A1 has the benefit of being softer so it will feel more like regular string while being great at suicides, whips, slacks, and holding tension.

I’m not saying type A doesn’t do all those things as well. It could be even better, but I haven’t had the chance to try any yet. I’m still trying to decide whether to try a sample pack of type A or just go buy 50 A1 strings. Twisted stringz makes some awesome stuff.

Just got Type X. Was looking for a slack friendly string (100% poly and I weren’t getting along). Went from hitting my Hidemasa Hook 1 in 10 to 6 in 10 with just the change in string. Pretty happy with it. Much more forgiving than the Poly.

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