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So recently I was asked by Jen of Twisted Stringz to be a Tester for her AMAZING Stringz. As per testing, I will be writing reviews for each Type of Twisted Stringz. I intend on updating this as often as I can, and as often as Jen twists up her magical unicorn hairs. So, onto the Review(s) -
Type A
First Impression: Such a Rigid string, that almost seems as if it were folded when packaged.
And Now the Good Stuff:
Type A Twisted Stringz happens to be my favorite Type that Jen makes. It is a great mixture of some strong stiff Nylon, with some normal, and some slick Polyester, which in combination give this string some great tension holding abilities that alot of the newer strings out there seem to lack. Well, because of this strings incredible ability to hold tension, it definitely gives way for some amazing whip and slack tricks.
Now, unlike most Types of string out there, this string is pretty rigid at first, For Me, It feels amazing after one good stretch (which I do to all of my strings) and a few tight binds. Which gets rid of the little folds in the string. Jen was talking about another way to possibly ship these, but in all honesty the break in period isn’t that severe, At least not enough to warrant the extra effort. I say, They’re great the way they are.
So after about 20 or 30 minutes of a little rough play, this String shows its true strengths.(It almost sees to transform into another type of Twisted Stringz, Type A1 - But thats just my opinion) The Stiffness and Rigidity of the Nylon that I had mentioned earlier softens a bit and this string becomes a true Beast of a player. Nailing hooks and Behind the Head Ninja Vanishes with ease, it’s as if this string has training wheels.(That being said, This string is choice for one who wishes to delve into the word of whips and slacks that only vets can seem nail with a normal Poly.) (Which Twisted Stringz also makes - See Review for Type E (once posted))
Now for anyone in the market for a new String that has a great sense of slickness that never bites the fingers, but has the rigidity and tension holding abilities of some Kevlars out there, Then this IS the best Handcrafted honest String that you can get. It is 100% worth the price and this stuff simply lasts forever. So So much more bang for your buck.
With all that being said - Check out Twisted Stringz on Facebook and look in the Info Section. I guarantee that if Type A isn’t for You, Then you will at LEAST find another Type of Jens Stringz that will suit your every YoYo need.
Type A1
First Impression:Very slacky, nice smooth texture.
Twisted Stringz Type A1 is essentially a softer, less rigid, or in other words “Fixed” version of Type A.
For those who like a good whip/slack string that has a softer,smoother feel, then Type A1 will definitely suit your needs.
The added soft Nylon,(as opposed to the stiff Nylon found in Type A) really sets this string apart from other Poly-Blends that are out there. Jen definitely knows her string, and was able to incorporate a normally unused thread type to create a string that last for a week and a half to two weeks while still holding pretty good tension.
The softer string really helps with the string burn factor that we have all dealt with. And because of the underlying Nylon threads, this string is not likely to ever snap for most players. (I however have worn these down before playing double dice, but it honestly kills most string, other than Twisted Stringz Kevlar/Poly string of course!).
This is an extremely choice string for those who want to get into whips and slacks (as well as for those who are seasoned at it) and want something that will consistently hold tension with out very much adjustment.
I highly recommend Twisted Stringz Type A1!
Type B
First Impression:A little too thick and soft.
Now, I won’t bash on this string too bad because it is definitely great in its own right, but it is honestly my least favorite out of all of Jens strings.
Type B is really soft and a little thick, so to me, Having some small bearing/narrow gap throws, this string was a little saggy for playing 1a. However, this string did play pretty good for 5a as there is generally a little less string stacking involved. This was also a great string for 4a yoyos, as it is a little thicker, binds became nice and easy.
This string holds tension relatively well, but I feel that it loses tension a little quicker than the other Types of Twisted Stringz. One of my bigger issues with this string, was that because of how soft it is, it seems to begin fraying much faster than her other Types.
Out of package Type B seems a little stretchy, which is different if you are unable to compensate for a little bit of bounce. On a throw, as I mentioned before, once the yoyo reaches the end of the string it tends to bounce back which really complicates things if yo have either fresh sili, a little bit of twist in your string, a narrow gap, a small bearing, or a combination of all of these, because these horrble little situations generally cause the yoyo to snap back and catch a little too muh in the response area causing the throw to return rather quickly and sometimes painfully… (This DOES go away after they are a little worn in).
So for wide gapped, KK’d, CT’d throws, or if you like a really soft, thick string that holds good tension, then Type B is the way to go!
But if you normally play narrow gap, small bearing throws, or yoyos with a catchy response, give this string a pass and check out one of Twisted Strings other various Types.
Type C Coming Soon

Type D and D - (minus) Coming Soon

Type E Coming Soon
Type: LuminousX
First Impression:
In the beginning I begged and begged Jen to make a quality Glow String, and in the end, She definitely did not at all disappoint.
The Glow String that Jen created is NOT just a novelty string meant to impressify your friends with at night, No, LuminousX is a fully functional/playable string Day and Night! LuminousX has a much softer texture and is less rigid than the other Glow Strings that are out there, I very much akin it to Twisted Stringz Type E (which is Jens line of normal Poly strings) in regards to playability and tension holding abilities. The only reason I see not to use this stuff as a daily string is because of the price, But I do say that ANY of Twisted Stringz Types are well worth the price, as they will ALL outlast most any other companies strings in both quality/durability, and playtime.
And now onto the good part; How Bright does Twisted Stringz LuminousX Glow?
To do a little comparison, I took an entire pack of Kitty Strings Glow String and compared it to two pieces of LuminousX. Let’s just say the results were satisfying.
LuminousX glows bright enough to set it apart from any Glow string on the market, and it blatantly stands out as the Glow String Champion.
So if you want the best and longest lasting Glow String for your throw, that had superior handcrafted quality and steady playability, Then LuminousX is definitely for you!

Type Kevlar
First Impression:

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If you guys haven’t tried these strings out yet…definitely give them a try! It’s totally worth it! These have been my personal favorites!

-Kyle Hedges (Team Twisted Monkey)

Type B Twisted Stringz:
As of now… this is one of my personal favorites of the Twisted Stringz brand. This string is truly, as described, long lasting. It starts out a little more rigid then some other strings that you may be used to, but for me that hasn’t seemed to have an effect on play when you change the string. After it’s broken in you have a string that’s great for whips, laceration, suicides and just over all faster play! The colors are bright which makes it a fantastic string for filming and competition. Long lasting and good for any level of play!

Type E Twisted Stringz:
Just an all around fantastic 100% polyester string! Very smooth right off the bat. A string that is ready to play right when you put it on. Not something that needs a whole lot of breaking in to play great! Found it to be something that was great for a quick string change if something snapped or broke before going up on stage or if you just needed a quick change of string ready for play!

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Added Type A1 Review! Type B, Kevlar, and LuminousX are written and will be posted tomorrow :slight_smile:

I added some notes on the new Project-X strings to my twisted article on
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