Twisted Stringz

I’m going to make this very short.

I got a sampler pack of twisted stringz type A-1 a few weeks ago. I’ve hardly used them until the past two days. (mainly just took them out of the package and looked at them)

After using for about 2 hours, i thought of posting a review, but it was so negative that i thought maybe i was doing something horribly wrong. i wasn’t.

a day and 2 hours later, here I am writing a poor review on a “acclaimed good” string maker/company.


  • seems to last long, a good amount of time without showing much wear
    that’s about all i have for pros.


  • tangles very easily
  • forms knots very easily from most binds (causing yoyo to shoot back to hand instantly after next throw - i’ve tried numerous binds with different string tensions and this continuously happens)
  • burns fingers very easily if you move too fast
  • doesnt feel comfortable (but that’s a personal opinion so take that with a grain of salt)
  • doesn’t keep loops nearly as well as it’s review claims. or anyone else claims for that matter (from what i’ve seen doing basic whips and suicides)
  • slip knot for finger doesnt stay tight no matter how hard you throw, it will inevitably spin around your finger on certain tricks… this is VERY annoying
  • the color choices are very strange and don’t really match well… (another personal opinion - grain of salt)

I was so excited to try some new different string, but left so disappointed and let down. Honestly i prefer the string that comes with the yoyo to this. =\

Suggestions to anyone who uses it or is still thinking of getting it: play with a little tension… this seems to work best on keeping the string from knotting up the most… anything too loose and you’ll regret it… too hard and it just doesnt play well at all

Someone else’s view of the goods/pros (later posted in this thread):


twists up and tightens. forms knots. hurts. is tangle really not self explanatory? :stuck_out_tongue:

String tension? If it gets a knot, it is a user error.

i think you’re looking too much into this:

with very little tension, this string forms knots… not the overhand knot that is formed when you mess up a green triangle or wrist whip etc., knots that can “be pulled” and gotten rid of by pulling.

i’m not really going to try to explain it any further because if you can’t understand from this, then thats just oh well, good job for it not happening to you.

I’m really sorry to hear about your mis-adventures with Twisted Stringz.

I have used them since their inception, & have made them my string of choice. While I can’t begin to explain why you are having the difficulties you articulated, my experience has been nothing short of awesome. I will add that I have tried just about every mainstream string sold today and found my choice to be Twisted’s.

I felt compelled to at least voice an opposing perspecitive so as to not deter anyone from at least trying them. While I would never pretend to be an expert at throwing YoYo’s, I certainly have enough experience to know when a string is inferior, and in my humble opinion, these strings are anything but.

i will add your post to the original, you do have a good point: that people should see both sides :slight_smile:

Now you know why they are called ‘twisted’ strings… Jk, but funny pun eh?

Thanks for your honest review!!

You sure it’s not type a (all nylon) vs type a1 (poly nylon)? I’ve tried both and your experience sounds more like type a. I’ve never had any of those problems with a1.