Help with Whips!!!

Pls. help me. I have a Problem with whips. Either the String fall down my thump or the String doesn’t build a Whip!!!

What yoyo are you using?
also what string are you using?

No idea!! It’s the original String of the Dark Magic 2.

well u probably need to fix ur string tension and/or get new string. Also i have found that whps are the hardest tricks to learn

Whips and slack tricks need perfect string tension. There are also stings that are supposedly better at holding the shapes needed for the respective trick. Bottom line though is they just suck to learn.

Does it matter if you have either poly or cotton string. like does one or the other form the whip better or something

Ok Thx

Yes, ther is matter for which string to whip with which. But there are many different preferences.
As you see, for me, the cotton string forms the loop MUCH better than my poly or cotton/poly blend. The cotton string is somewhat stiffer and when you whip, suicide or do a laceration, the loop is like staying there waiting for your finger.
But on the other side, Poly string is better for string tricks or normal tricks. It can do whips, lacerations and suicides almost as good, but you see, Poly or cotton poly is kinda “known” for being better than cotton for 1A style tricks.

you won’t need to worry about your string type for the wrist whip and plastic whip. they just focus on string tension. stuff like iron whip or jade whip, or laceration, not so much a whipping trick, but either way those tricks can be pulled off easier, with certain strings. as far as landing the trick, just aim for the middle of the yoyo and praactice practice practice