so, im getting a pre-production dna for my bday thats coming soon, and i wanna buy highlights. and since they dont come in white, i cant decide on what color.what color goes good with the pre-production?

Well, first I highly suggest getting the real thing as they are both in stock, and get it from YoYoeXpert :wink:

But if you really want the pre-production because you want a raw yoyo, then I just suggest getting white 100 polys. If you still want highlights, I think blue or green would look kinda nice. But still, if you didnt notice, they are the same price, so unless you want a raw one, go for the real thing :wink:

About any colour. Highlights are bright, which is good. And the raw DNA has no specific colour to “blind” your string, so just get the one you think look good.

yeh, i think ill just get polys cuz i really want the raw look. i dont like the side designs on the dnas…or the colors…unless you know of a place that sells them in blue, do u?

Well, I have a Gun Metal DNA, and blue looks amazing. But silver and blue are one of my favorite combo’s. I’ve thrown on green’s too and love it! But I’d go for blue if you want style, or green if you want visibility!

Ya I dont really like the desing on them either.

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