i like 100% polyester

(JonasK) #2

Currently using slick 6, but hoping to try some empirestring cough me wants to be tester cough.
I have used the chaos that came with my M1, and i loved it. I really wish a 100 pack came with my M1, because it is some great stuff. I might get some more chaos, but right now i got about 125 slicks to burn through.


yeah the string that comes with the m1 is really good. hey this is a little off topic but is your m1 really responsive.
tickle it

(JonasK) #4

It was, then i cleaned it in water and soap. Then it was still responsive. Then I played with it for two hours, then it was unresponsive. Then after a week, it was responsive again. Then I cleaned it in water and soap again. Still responsive. Then i woke up after 8 hours of sleep, unresponsive.

So no, my M1 is not responsive, just really badly scratched after I by accident performed “Unleash the dog”. I guess that trick speaks for itself.

(empirestrings) #5

one of my favorite tricks, ‘‘unleash the dog’’ is awsome… lol, j/k, wont happen with my strings…

(JonasK) #6

cough me wants to be tester cough

Glowed, underlined, bolded and repeated.


we will see. empirestrings


um… 100% cotton?
i’ll play whatever though.

(JonasK) #9

100% cotton, never see many people use that. But i got a good guess why you do.
Is it because polyester will melt from the friction on a wodden axle?
Just me wild guessing.


and doing so correctly!

(empirestrings) #11

i actually made a bunch of string today, ill try and get them out tom. i made a bunch today, so a lot of you should be getting them very soon.


at the min i use 100% poly! im thinking of changing to somthing else, dont kno what though, what ever string i get it always seems to get really tight twists up like crazy after all of 2 mins! does empire string do this? have u got a UK tester, cough HINT COUGH haha! (me)


Perfect Fit String


The Strings that Mike sent me were slick 6 and I love them. The poly string were too unresponsive.

I also throw 100% cotton on my Grey Fox and slick on my Speed Maker.


100% poly always :wink: :wink: :wink:

(empirestrings) #16

yeah i like 100% poly as well, however im am playing with some new string ideas… stay tuned…


Nice. Looking forward to when they come out.


I use both, it just happens that I have more poly’s than slick 6.
I have tried 2 other strings NFS and Voodoo Bunny Rope,
I like the Bunny Rope also.


Well me…I’m a string junkie. I’ve spent as much on string as I have on yoyo’s. Well, not really, but you get my point. My current favorite is G-String Intentus. But I have 40 of the new Cotton Core blends on the way, their expensive, but hopefully worth it. I do give prop’s to Ape7566 for his Perfect Fit String, they hold up very very well. I’ve tried just about every string out there, and I like most of them for different things.

(Mark) #20

It is time for me to get new string. My Angel hair is darker than my worn down guitar strings that are grey. My string that I made are good, but they get thin and not as “bouncy”. (Cotton, go figure) So, its time to get some polys!