String "Upgrade"

I used YYE Poly for a while, then I went to Kitty 1.5 for a short time, then my favorite so far has been Kitty Fat. I am calling this an “upgrade” of string.
What are your favorite strings and is there anyway to “upgrade” from the ones I have listed.

Blueprint, the pre-tied knot is perfect size for me.

My preffered strings are CLYW orange hybrids, Epic Strings Whippy (need to try lightnings), kitty 1.5, kitty fat nylon, YYSL Venom, and I really want to try Markmont dragons

YYSL Type X and Kitty Normal for me.

I personally really like modman10’s jackrabbits, bought some from him a while ago. Not sure if he’s still making string though, took a break from yoyoing for a couple of months.

I really love the Blueprints as well. They also seem to hold tension for a long time

Would have to go with either Epic Strings Lightning or #82 Strings Kelvlar/Poly ;D

Right now I’m really digging the MonkeyfingeR hybrids

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Blueprints are the way to go. I was struggling to land hidemasa hook with the standard poly strings, but with these things i can hit it so easily. They’re durable and great for slacks and whips.

They are pretty nice. They feel almost Toxic slick to start off but get a little fuzzy after some use. More fuzzy than I expected them to get, and borderline too fuzzy for me, but once they fuzz out to a certain point they stop, so that’s good. From there they last pretty well

I like YoYo String Lab, strings have been soft outbof package and seem durable. My only complaint was I felt silly at A2Z yoyo school on Saturday when i was throwing my Flow with Eric Kowalski venom string & Eric walks into the store.

Maybe this is a bit of an older thinking pattern, but make your own. You can tweek alter adjust, and make it from anything you like. I personally love a 10 thread gutterman mara 70 (I think) They are a personal favorite, and not a bad price for the “upgrade minded” Though that is only a suggestion from a string maker.